The Lowestoft woman whose hypnotism transforms lives


Katina standing with her husband after winning a Prestige Award for her work helping people in the community throughout the years. - Credit: Katina Chapman

A woman from Lowestoft who has practiced hypnotism since 2009 has helped to change many people's lives over the years.

Katina Chapman, 51, who has offices in Lowestoft and Norwich, was inspired to ditch her HR job and become a hypnotist after her husband Neil, 55, was hit by a car while he was riding a bike.

Since then, Mrs Chapman has helped hundreds of clients overcome fears of flying, anxiety and stress.


Katina Chapman was inspired to become a hypnotherapist after her husband was run over by a driver in a car. - Credit: Katina Chapman

She said: "I've always had a fascination with how the mind works.

"We did not know the full extent of the damage when my husband was injured.

"He couldn't move his hand and it turned out he crushed a part of his spine with doctors saying he could become paralysed.

"So I started researching hypnotherapy and went on a two day course to learn how it can help with pain.

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"I came back from this course all excited and used it on my husband.

"I told my husband to focus on the specific pain in his body, imagine its size and shape and then change it and then move it out of the body.

"He did this and felt more at ease, so I pursued hypnotherapy."


Katina being presented with her Prestige Award. - Credit: Katina Chapman

Mrs Chapman explained the process of hypnotising someone.

She said: "Hypnosis is completely safe and natural and is just a state of deep relaxation.

"When people are relaxed, their subconscious mind is more open to accepting change.

"During my hypnotherapy sessions, I make positive suggestions to my clients and their mind will come up with the perfect solution to change the behaviours they want to change. 

"I had a 10-year-old boy recently who would throw up anytime he thought about doing anything.

"We discovered his anxiousness came from walking to the car. I told him to envisage throwing the anxiousness out of his body and instead running towards the car.

"There was a change within him after this and he was able to go on a school trip to Derbyshire and abseil."

Mrs Chapman has performed various weird and wonderful hypnotisms over the years but nothing much surprises her anymore.

She said: "Most areas that might be classed as weird would be a fear that is unique to that person.

"For example, a fear of butterflies which made one client too scared to go out in their own garden in the summer.

"The fear of the sea, so a client who lived by the sea couldn't walk along the beach without having a panic attack, and the fear of clowns this affected lot of young children aged 8 to 14 a few years ago when the killer clown videos hit social media.

"I think the thing that amazes me more is that when someone contacts me they have waited until their fear has gotten to such an extent that it is ruining their life."

She has also had her fair share of sceptics in the past as well, saying: "I get them all the time.

"Either someone will believe they can't be hypnotised or that it won't work. 

"Now the truth is that absolutely everyone can be hypnotised if they want to. 

"The 'want to' is important because in order to be hypnotised you have to follow my instructions.

"If you don't follow them then you are choosing not to be hypnotised. 

"So if I say close your eyes and imagine you are standing on green grass, don't imagine that you are in a yellow car or think about what you are having for tea tonight.

"At first my family thought it was just a hobby but they consider it as my career now because of all the people I have helped."

Her journey has led her to win this year's Prestige Award, recognising business achievements within the community.

Reflecting on her success of winning this year's Prestige Award, Mrs Chapman added: "I was so blessed and delighted to hear that one of my clients nominated me.

"It feels so special and I will always continue to help people who need it."