Is this your dog? Search is on for owner of elderly pup found in dump

The sweet natured little dog was found close to the city dump.

This sweet-natured little dog was found close to the city dump. - Credit: Chapelfield Veterinary Practise

A tiny elderly dog discovered wandering a derelict site in Norwich is looking for her family. 

The little white animal was found by a delivery driver in Mile Cross and has sparked a plea from local vets to make sure microchips are up to date. 

The elderly pup was taken to Chapelfield Veterinary Partnership in Chapelfield Road for some immediate attention last week. 

A spokeswoman for the surgery said: “She has not been mistreated as far as we can see so the search is on to try and find her owners. We think she must have run away."

The City Council and Chapelfield Veterinary Practise are hopeful that they can find the dogs rightful owners. 

Norwich City Council and Chapelfield Veterinary Partnhership are hopeful that they can find the dog's rightful owners. - Credit: Chapelfield Veterinary Practise

It's not the first time the clinic has helped out a lost dog in need with many strays coming through its doors. 

The spokeswoman continued: "We kept her in to start the process of trying to get her reunited with her family. But unfortunately apart from age, breed, sex and colour the details on her microchip - including the details for her owner - are completely incorrect.” 

After making sure the 12-year-old dog was well in all other aspects, the practise contacted Norwich City Council so that it could be picked up by its dog collection team.  

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The practise has since been inundated with messages from the public offering the lost dog - which looks like a chihuahua - a loving home, but the practise is determined to find her true owners.  

The spokeswoman said: “We have received far more enquiries than we usually would, probably because of the breed. It's been hard to keep up.

"Someone must be missing her, but we really need to stress the importance of keeping chip details up to date and register the dog as lost with the chip company.

“She is a sweet girl and deserves a lovely home, the staff all loved her.” 

A spokeswoman for Norwich City Council said: “We’ve made sure this gorgeous little pup is being looked after and we really hope that she can be reunited with her owner very soon. 

“Her family can call us on 0344 980 3333 and we’ll arrange her return.” 

The dog is now enjoying a stay at Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

The clinic added: "If you'd like a pet please consider adopting not shopping.”