When losing one thing helps you gain another

Trudi Smith is delighted to compete in running events since losing weight

Trudi Smith was delighted to shed weight and start enjoying running - Credit: Trudi Smith

A determined Norwich woman lost three stone and now has her dream career as Slimming World consultant.
Trudi Smith tells us how she went from being a fit and confident aerobics instructor to struggling to walk up a hill before she turned her life around.
"I never dreamt I would need help with weight. Being made redundant from a gym in Greece, I returned to the UK to work in a call centre."
She found herself sitting for eight hours a day, snacking on junk food, and her weight crept up. 
"I was ashamed of myself. I had chest pains and backache and was thoroughly depressed. Catching glimpses of myself in shop windows made me look away with disgust.

Trudi Smith before she joined Slimming World 

Trudi Smith before she joined Slimming World - Credit: Trudi Smith

"Meeting new people was embarrassing. No longer the confident aerobics instructor in the slinky, brightly coloured dress, chatting and mingling. I had become the quiet one in the leggings and loose top.
"At rock bottom, I finally bit the bullet and joined Slimming World. I’m glad I did. It changed my whole lifestyle for the better and the old me is back," says Trudi.
She shed 2st 11lbs to reach her target weight in eight months.
"It made a huge difference to my confidence, my physical ability and mental state. I no longer looked away from my reflection in the window but walked tall and proud.
"The biggest plus was being back in the gym and running on the treadmill. I became more active and loved it. No aches and pains, no longer feeling tired and drained. I loved running again and now have quite a collection of finishers medals, including two half marathons," she adds.

Since shedding excess weight Trudi Smith enjoys riding her bicycle

Since shedding excess weight Trudi Smith enjoys getting out and about on her bicycle - Credit: Trudi Smith

"My Slimming World consultant and fellow members gave me so much support every week at group. The best part was I was never hungry and there were no forbidden foods. All I had to do was count the high-calorie foods as ‘syns’."
Trudi says she was amazed she could lose weight, achieve goals, win medals - and still enjoy chocolate.
"Four years later I’m still at my target weight."
She is delighted to become a Slimming World consultant so she can help others achieve their dreams and goals. 
Trudi runs the Saturday morning Slimming World group in Old Lakenham, Norwich at the community centre with sessions at  8.30am and 10am. Just turn up or call 07440 414149 for information.