Long Stratton students try Brazilian dance moves

The energetic Brazilian artform of Capoeira burst into a south Norfolk school as part of a week-long series of fundraising events.

Instructors from outreach group Capoeira Communities, from Norwich, provided a free demonstration of the dance-based martial art for students at Long Stratton High School which involves movement, music and ritualised combat.

The event, which took place on Wednesday, was organised by the school's student leader team in a bid to raise funds for a recently opened youth cafe, which is held once a week at the village's Methodist Church for youngsters aged 11 to 17.

Head girl at long Stratton High, Tiffany Haggith, said: 'It's really good for the youth generation and those in the surrounding villages.

'It gives them somewhere to go in the evening and chill out with friends.'

Other activities which took place throughout the week, dubbed Youth Fest, included a Year 10 versus Year 11 football match, a student versus staff rounders match, sponsored leg and chest waxing, a cake sale, a live band day and a non-uniform day.

Capoeira Communities is part of Cordao de Ouro, which offers classes for all ages and abilities in Norwich. For more information, visit www.cdonorwich.com

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