Beer market stall hoping to extend opening hours

Toby Westgarth, of Sir Toby's Beers.

Toby Westgarth, of Sir Toby's Beers on Norwich Market - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Friends will be able to enjoy more late night tipples if a licence bid for a popular drinks stall is backed by Norwich City Council.

Sir Toby's Beers on Norwich Market has applied to the council to extend its premises license application to sell alcohol from 9am-10pm every day to 9am-11pm.

Applicant Toby Westgarth, who runs Sir Toby's Beers with Dominic Burke, said: "We would like to add an extra hour onto our licensable trading hours as we are regularly going later into the evening down on the market. This extra hour is predominantly for the purpose of ‘drinking up’ if we put on a slightly larger event or have had a busier than usual night.

"We advertise ‘Casita’, the new collaborative eating and drinking space in stalls 154 and 161 until 9pm, however we hope to get busier and stay open a little later."

Sir Toby's Beers has been on the market since 2018.