Hole lot of trouble for villagers as road cracks open

A small mattress was used to cover the sinkhole in Spixworth 

A small mattress was used to cover the sinkhole in Spixworth - Credit: Contributed

A gaping sinkhole has opened up on a village road causing safely concerns for drivers.

Neighbours were so worried they took matters into their own hands and plonked a small mattress on the sinkhole in Giles Road, Spixworth. 

It comes after another sinkhole opened up at the Park Road end of the street a few years ago which caused disruption to buses which travel along the route.

One 21-year-old woman, who lives near the sinkhole and who did not wish to be named, said: "The sinkhole was the size of a paving stone but circular.

"The one that previously happened at the end of the road was really quite big.

A sinkhole appeared in Giles Road in Spixworth 

A sinkhole appeared in Giles Road in Spixworth - Credit: Contributed

"I assumed the latest one was caused by the heat. It caused a bit of trouble trying to get the car in and out. Someone had to put their own cover on the top of it." 

She added that there had been a further sinkhole which opened up in the path running next to her home within the last three years.

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Paul Rowe, chairman of Spixworth Parish Council, said: "From what I hear Spixworth was originally sandpits so the road is prone to collapsing as well as drains. 

"Excuse the pun but I hope someone is looking into it. 

"I know the roads have been closed in the past and Giles Road is part of a bus route. It is down to the county council and I know they usually get someone on it relatively quickly."

The sinkhole was repaired around 8.30am on Thursday after opening up the day before.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: "Following a report of a small area of subsidence in the pavement we inspected the issue and completed a repair today (Thursday)."

Anglian Water attended but found it wasn’t related to any of the water company's assets.

Norwich has a history of sinkholes opening up which included the time a bus fell down a hole in Earlham Road in March 1988 following the collapse of a medieval chalk mine.

Rouen Road and the Frere Road Community Centre in Heartsease have also had big sinkholes in March 2018 and March 2021 respectively. 

A sinkhole has appeared in the park on Frere Road, Norwich.

The giant sinkhole that has appeared in the park on Frere Road, Norwich. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson