REVEALED: Roads in east Norwich where street lights could be switched off

A further 5,700 letters have been sent out to people in Norwich to give them one last chance to make the case to keep their street lights on after midnight – with homes in the east of the city the latest asked to give reasons for the switch-off to be avoided.

Bosses at Norfolk County Council want to turn out 27,000 lights across the county, with about 5,900 in Norwich due to go out.

Letters went out to homes in the north of the city, such as Mile Cross and Catton Grove, last month and this week post dropped through the letterboxes of families in Thorpe Hamlet, Heartsease and Sewell ward.

Council bosses, who say the part night-time switch off between midnight and 5am will save �167,000 and cut carbon emissions, have sent 5,720 letters to people in the east of the city.

Council officers, who need to save �155m over the next three years, say consultation has already been carried out with police on exempting some lights from the switch off.

Reasons for exemption included streets with CCTV cameras. traffic calming measures, roads with high traffic flow and those where police say crime could be increased as a result of lights going off, or where reducing crime will be affected. That consultation saw a decision made to spare about 1,000 street lights within the inner ring road from being turned off.

But the streets on the lists are due to be switched off unless people can come up with a valid reason why they should stay on, with the first set to go off in March.

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The county council said it has so far received about 60 responses from the first batch of letters, with many saying they would feel less safe if they need to go out after the lights are off.

Families in the north Norwich area have until Friday, February 11 to register their views, while people in the east of the city who got letters this week have until March 11.

Chloe Smith, Norwich North MP, pictured, encouraged people to tell the county council what they think of the plans.

She said: 'Clearly people are concerned about public safety, including road safety, and I want to see these worries dealt with and balanced against the need – rightly – to reduce energy consumption for the long term.

'In my view, lights should not be switched off in thoroughfares and in areas where people do have valid concerns about crime.

'People must get in touch as a priority with the county council if they think their road has good reason to be out of the scheme. I will make sure that any views I receive on the matter are represented straight to the council.'

Lights have already gone out after midnight in some other parts of the county, including Wymondham. Police have said there has been no noticeable change in crime or disorder in places where that has happened.

But critics, including city council leader Steve Morphew, have said Norwich is not comparable with market towns and turning off the lights after midnight in the city could lead to increased crime, or fear of crime.

People can tell the county council what they think by emailing or by calling 0344 800 8010 (for Norwich north and east) and 0344 800 8010 (for all other areas).

What do you think of the proposals to switch off street lights after midnight? Write to Evening News Letters, Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich NR1 1RE or email

These are the streets in east Norwich where the county council wants to turn off street lights after midnight:

Aldryche Road; Anthony Drive; Antingham Road

Barclay Green; Barclay Road; Barnes Close; Beaconsfield Road; Bell Road; Bellingham Court; Branford Road

Campbell Court; Cedar Road; Chalk Hill Road; Chipperfield Road; Churchill Road; Churchman Road; Cintra Road; Clancy Road; Colls Road; Cotman Road; Cozens Road; Cremorne Lane; Croftholme Way; Crome Road; Cubitt Road

Dugard Avenue

Ella Road

Fallowfield Close; Fern Hill; Finch Close; Firwood Close; Fugill Green; Fugill Road

Garrett Court; Gawdy Road; Gerald Close; Gilman Road; Glendenning Road; Goulburn Road; Graham Square; Gravelfield Close; Gunn Road

Hanly Close; Harbour Road; Heathside Road; High Green; Holmes Close; Holmwood Rise; Hooker Road; Hooper Lane; Kempe Close; Knowsley Road

Ladbrooke Place; Lavengro Road; Leopard Court; Lishman Road; Lloyd Road

Maltby Court; Manby Road; Marlborough Road; Marryat Road; Matlock Road; Mill Lane; Moorland Close; Morse Avenue; Morse Road; Mossfield Close

Newbegin Road; Nightingale Lane; Noble Close; Northcote Road

Orchard Close

Paine Road; Peacock Street; Plaford Road; Porson Road; Purland Road; Redfern Close; Redfern Road; Riley Close; Riseway Close; Romany Road

Saint Matthews Road; Saint Olaves Road; Sale Road; Samuel Road; Sandholme Close; Scott Road; Sienna Mews; Silver Street; Springfield Road; St Pauls Square; Stan Petersen Close; Stanley Avenue; Steepgreen Close; Steward Street; Supple Close

The Ridgeway; Thurling Plain; Timothy Close

Valley Side Road; Vancouver Road; Venables Close; Vincent Road

Wellesley Avenue South; William Mear Gardens; Williamson Close; Willis Street; Wilson Road; Windmill Court; Windmill Road; Witard Close; Wodehouse Street; Womersley Close; Womersley Road; Woodforde Road; Woodrow Place

And these are the ones in north Norwich:

Acland Mews; Albany Road; Alma Terrace; Anmer Close; Appleyard Crescent; Ardney Rise; Arminghall Close; Ash Grove; Audax Road; Aylesbury Close; Aylsham Way.

Bassingham Road; Baxter Court; Beaufort Close; Beech Drive; Bentley Way; Berners Close; Blackburn Road; Blackthorn Close; Blakes Court; Blickling Road; Blomefield Road; Blyth Road; Boardman Close; Bolingbroke Road; Boot Binders Road; Braeford Close; Brasier Road; Brightwell Road; Brockwell Court; Bryony Close; Burges Road; Bussey Road.

Capps Road; Catherine Wheel Opening; Catton View Court; Chamberlin Road; Chambers Road; Civic Gardens; Clabon First Close; Clabon Road; Clabon Second Close; Clabon Third Close; Clarke Road; Clickers Road; Clovelly Drive; Collins Court; Constitution Opening; Cossgrove Close; Curtis Road.

Dakin Road; Dalrymple Way; De Caux Road; Denton Road; Dogwood Road; Duff Road.

Eustace Road.

Fenn Crescent; Fiddle Wood Road; Finishers Road; Foster Road.

Galley Hill; Gamecock Close; Gateley Gardens; George Pope Close; George Winter Court; Glenmore Gardens; Gowing Court.

Half Mile Close; Half Mile Road; Hansard Close; Hansard Road; Harry Watson Court; Hartbee Road; Heath Road; Heyford Road; Hillmead; Hunter Road.

Ives Road.

Jewson Road.

Knights Road.

Lawson Road; Leonards Street; Lilburne Avenue; Lime Kiln Mews; Lintock Road; Long Row; Lorraine Gardens; Losinga Crescent.

Marshall Road; Massingham Road; Middleton Close; Mill Croft.

Oak Lane; Old Grove Court; Oulton Road; Oxnead Road

Palmer Close; Parr Road; Partridge Way; Pearcefield; Pembrey Close; Penn Grove; Pennyroyal; Pinder Close; Pinder Road.

Rackham Road; Rectory Court; Red Cottage Close; Rocelin Close; Rosebay Close; Rosebery Road; Rostwold Way; Rye Avenue; Rye Close.

Saint Edmunds Close; Sewell Road; Shipstone Road; Southerwood; Spencer Road; Spindle Road; Spynke Road; Starling Road; Stirling Road; Suckling Avenue; Suffield Court; Sunderland Close.

Tanager Close; Tansay Close; Taylors Buildings; Temple Road; Tillett Road; Tillett Road East; Traverse St; Tremaine Close; Trilithorn Close.

Vale Green; Valpy Avenue; Vicarage Road.

Weston Road; Wheeler Road; Whitehouse Court; Whitethorn Close; Whitley Close; Wild Road; Woodruff Close; Woodward Road.