Foodbank launched to see struggling families through half term

Sharon Blundell with her husband Gary Blundell, who live on Queen's Hills estate in Costessey

District and county councillor Sharon Blundell with her husband Gary Blundell, vice-chairman of Costessey Town Council, who live in Queen's Hills estate in Costessey - Credit: Sophie Wyllie

Parents worried about feeding their children over the half-term holiday will be able to get some relief thanks to a pop-up foodbank.

It is for anyone from the Costessey and Queen's Hill area struggling to afford food.

It will be open from 10am to 2pm on May 30 in the Owen Barnes Room within Breckland Hall.

Donated food to the pop-up foodbank in Costessey

Donated food to the pop-up foodbank in Costessey - Credit: Gary Blundell

The pop-up enterprise was the idea of Liberal Democrat county councillor Sharon Blundell who represents Costessey and has lived in Kestrel Avenue, Queen's Hill, since 2007.

Mrs Blundell said: "Parents are saying they would prefer help in the school holidays.

"They know their children are getting fed at least once a day while they are at school.

"Parents are just trying their best to look after their children."

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She added: "Parents are going without food in order to feed their children. It is 2022. This is ridiculous.

"Those who hold the purse strings within government are not listening to people.

"People are working extra hours. People have been budgeting for years and now there is a hike in energy costs.

"If people on higher than average wages are struggling what chance have low income families got?

"We are in a crisis."

Donated items for the Costessey pop-up foodbank

Donated items for the Costessey pop-up foodbank - Credit: Gary Blundell

The mother-of-five added the foodbank was for anyone in need because "everybody is suffering" including the disabled, elderly and people who had lost jobs or those who had come out of a broken relationship.

She was also inspired to open the pop-up foodbank because there was no such facility in Costessey - the closest was Cadge Road in the south Norwich area.

Mrs Blundell wanted more support from the government for households in financial difficulties because of the rise in inflation and predicted hikes in energy costs this autumn.

The county councillor praised the support of the Costessey community in terms of donations.

"I don't want to see people hungry. There is no need for it. If the community can help stop someone from going hungry that is worthwhile," she added.

Items must be donated by May 29. For information about where to donate, email

People did not need a referral to get food from Breckland Hall.