Plans axed for crossing on Bowthorpe Road in Norwich

Plans to build a zebra crossing on a main Norwich road have been axed following a City Council meeting yesterday.

According to a report by Norwich City Council officers, the crossing could not be justified and instead a series of warning signs will be installed around the cemetery gates near Bond Street and Bowthorpe Road to make the road safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Norwich City Council was due to begin work on the new �50,000 zebra crossing at Bowthorpe Road this year, but traders grouped together and submitted a 231-signature petition to the council calling on it to rethink the plans last year.

Lisa Holmes, a business owner in the proposed area, spoke on behalf of all the four businesses which would have been affected and explained a number of reasons why a crossing in the area would cause problems.

These included discussing the existing crossing 200 yards away from the proposed site, natural speed reduction in the area due to traffic lights and also the need to deliver stock and have customers load their shopping too.

It was also pointed out that the area was not an accident black spot but Green party councillor Rupert Read, who campaigned for the road said: 'It's rather too far to take a detour [to the existing crossing] and there is plenty of scope to park. This really is an accident waiting to happen.'

The meeting discussed that the crossing would not be used regularly throughout the day, funding would no longer be available this year and could be affected by the cuts at County Hall next year.

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Councillor Bert Bremner explained that there could be a more appropriate cause of action and the locations of crossings could be revaluated.

He said: 'We need to go and look at the whole city.'

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