Parties to go head-to-head on how city should battle climate change

The Norwich Society is inviting the public to learn about the citys fascinating heritage. Picture: M

The Norwich Society is hosting a debate where political parties can put forward their policies on climate change

Councillors from across Norwich's political spectrum will lay out their ideas on how best Norwich can handle the climate change crisis. 

A debate, held by The Norwich Society, at the Forum on April 23 will focus on the adverse impact of climate change, such as flooding, damage to buildings and human well-being.

And a handful of city politicians as well as stakeholders will be turning out for the event.

Emma Hampton, Labour councillor, said: "The debate should be a brilliant opportunity to hear views from across the political spectrum on a range of climate and environmental issues.

Emma Hampton, Labour councillor for University Ward.

Emma Hampton, Labour councillor for University Ward. - Credit: Emma Hampton

"Norwich City Council has reduced its own emissions by 71pc since 2008 but we know we also have an important leadership role in helping the city as a whole achieve net zero.

"I will also be highlighting how we need more powers, support and resource from central government in order to be as ambitious as we would like.

Lucy Galvin, leader of the Greens, said: "The climate crisis is happening right now.

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"So the most important thing is to find a way to accelerate the path to net zero to avoid irreversible damage to the planet and protect future generations and vulnerable people.

Lucy Galvin, leader of the Green Group Norwich City Council.

Lucy Galvin, leader of the Green Group at Norwich City Council - Credit: Lucy Galvin

"This acceleration will also mean a positive change for local people. Stopping the burning of fossil fuels will clean up the air and mean more quality, healthy outdoor space for people.

"A strategy is needed to offer upskilling as a skills shortage is one of the biggest risks on the path to net zero.

"Advice is essential because it is incredibly difficult to find out how to improve energy efficiency of one's home without lots of upfront cost for an assessment. 

Simon Jones

Simon Jones, Norwich Conservative Federation chairman. - Credit: Simon Jones

"We need an effective one stop hub for advice on energy efficiency and to link up with local businesses who can help achieve this."

Simon Jones, city council candidate (Cons) for Thorpe Hamlet, said: "I'm looking forward to the debate and having a discussion about how we can reduce our carbon footprint both as individuals and a society."

Willem Buttinger, event organiser for The Norwich Society debate on April 23.

Willem Buttinger, event organiser for The Norwich Society debate on April 23. - Credit: Willem Buttinger

Willem Buttinger, who is the event coordinator at The Norwich Society, said: "It is terribly important we protect our locality.

"Even though we can't see it happening per se, our current way of life is disappearing."