Norwich MP eyes lottery bid to help people manage money

Lottery money could be key to helping families in Norwich get the confidence to take better control of their finances, according to a city MP.

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith has called for a concerted drive to ensure people in Norwich are equipped with sound financial knowledge when it comes to making the most of their money.

Miss Smith has established a network called the Financial Capability Forum – made up of charities such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Norfolk Community Advice Network and local bank branches – to make it easier for people to get information about financial services and products.

And she says the opportunity is there for Big Lottery money to support financial education for people living in social housing – people who are sometimes denied even the opportunity to open a bank account.

She said: 'In difficult economic times, people need help with money more than ever before. There is a rare opportunity available to bring together financial and community leaders to secure funding to continue the campaign to help people get financial information and advice.'

Richard Pearce, manager of the Whitefriars branch of Barclays Bank in Norwich, backed such a bid. He said: 'It's really important for all sectors to pull together to ensure that people have access to good financial information.

'At Barclays we strongly endorse the joint working that Chloe Smith has already led in Norwich and this Big Lottery chance is a good opportunity to go further to serve the city.'

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