Norwich honours its eco heroes with awards

Eco champions from across the city turned out to an awards ceremony to receive recognition for all their hard work to improve Norwich and make it a greener city.

Around 100 people attended the third Norwich Eco Awards presentation evening at City Hall to celebrate the work going on to make Norwich a more eco friendly place to live, work and visit.

Organised by Norwich City Council and supported by the Norwich Evening News, the awards aim to give everyone doing good work to improve Norwich the chance to get together and celebrate their hard work.

All entries are put forward for the coveted title of eco hero and this year it went to young local businessman Joe Ray, owner of Hidden Treasure shop, which sells items other people have thrown away.

He was picked from one of the small business entries for being someone who not only understands the need for a change to be made, but goes about making positive changes. As part of his work he has set up a training course for people to learn about effective recycling.

Mr Ray said: 'I'm ecstatic. It is a big deal for me to come to Norwich and for my work to be recognised.'

Environmental strategy manager for the city council Richard Willson said: 'It is just an amazing way to say thank you to all the people who never get a chance to be thanked and it is really nice for the councillors to see all the work going on.

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'It is great to see recognition going to all the people in Norwich who are doing their little bits together to make Norwich a great place to live.'

This year's awards were presented by the 2009-10 Eco Hero Natalie Halsall, from City College Norwich, and the Lord Mayor of Norwich, Tom Dylan.

Ms Halsall said: 'Being asked to co-host the awards is such an honour. I was so chuffed to be last year's eco hero and it's lovely to be a part of passing that title on to someone else who has been working hard.'

For more information about the environment in Norwich, visit the council's eco issues page on the website under E in the A to Z search.

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