'Waste of money': Fury as hole outside homes remains unfixed

suncroft Lakenham hole. mark sayer

The hole in Suncroft, Lakenham, is still open despite council promises. Insert: Mark Sayer - Credit: Danielle Booden/Grace Piercy

A hole which has been a thorn in the side of city homeowners is still unfixed, despite numerous promises from the council that it would be sorted. 

The hole in Suncroft in Lakenham appeared four years ago and has caused huge inconvenience to people who use the garages nearby.

One man has been chasing local authorities since the hole opened and believes money has been wasted on reports, instead of just fixing the problem. 

Mark Sayer, 42, who lives in Suncroft, said: "If the city council just fixed it now, it would probably be cheaper and they'd have no people ringing them about it.

"Every time I ring, nobody knows what's going on. They always say they'll give me an update and they never do."

mark sayer

Mark Sayer - Credit: Grace Piercy

There have also been complaints from Valerie and Christopher Humphries who were told by the council that the hole would be fixed before Christmas.

The couple had previously contacted the Evening News in a bid to finally get the hole fixed once and for all as part of the 'We'll sort it' campaign, launched to try and resolve problems for city folk no matter how big or small. 

Mr Sayer added: "The last time I contacted the council they said the hole had been inspected again and would need further specialist work and a drainage report.

"But I've been told they've done drainage reports for the hole so far. They keep redoing them.

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"How much money are they wasting?"

A hole which has been blocking some garages in Lakenham since 2017. Picture: Danielle Booden

A hole which has been blocking some garages in Lakenham since 2017 - Credit: Danielle Booden

Mr Sayer also contacted Anglian Water, Norfolk County Council and Highways England on his mission to get the problem solved.  

Anglian Water confirmed this was not an issue related to them.

A spokeswoman said: "We don’t have any assets in front of the garages as our pipes are out in the road."

Norfolk County Council added that the hole has appeared on a cobbled section in front of the garages which is owned by the city council rather than being part of the public highway, which they are responsible for.

Norwich City Council was contacted for comment.