Calls for lines to be repainted at 'free-for-all' city roundabout

Daniels Road Roundabout with Sheridan Barnes inset

Commuter Sheridan Barnes, who gets the Park and Ride into the bus station everyday, says there would be far less delays if the council repainted the yellow lines on the Daniels Road Roundabout - Credit: Sarah Burgess/ Google

A commuter who faces daily delays due to pile ups at a busy roundabout has called on the council to repaint its junctions — and is hoping the Evening News can help her cause.

Sheridan Barnes, 54, lives on the outskirts of Norwich.

She got in touch with this paper following the launch of the new ‘We’ll sort it’ campaign - which aims to help the people of Norwich by highlighting problems that need sorting.

Ms Barnes gets the Thickthorn Park and Ride into the city every day for work at Aviva — but faces delays at the Daniels Road Roundabout due to cars sitting in the faded box junctions and holding up the people behind.

The faded yellow boxes at the Daniels Road roundabout in Norwich. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

The faded yellow boxes at the Daniels Road roundabout in Norwich. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

She explained: "It's nothing to do with ignorance. It's just that nobody can see the box junctions anymore. It's an absolute free-for-all.

"When the roundabout is clear it wipes a good ten minutes off my bus journey into the city. Today, because it was half term and there were less cars on the road, my commute was so much quicker.

"But normally cars and buses just get stuck for ages. Some days it can be fully gridlocked.

"I think the county council should repaint these lines as a matter of urgency. Especially in the run up to Christmas traffic is only going to get worse.

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"Besides, how hard can it be to just repaint some yellow lines on a road?"

Daniels Road roundabout 2018 vs 2021

The left picture shows the road markings after they were repainted in 2018, versus what they look like in 2021 - shown on the right hand side - Credit: Google

Norfolk County Council said the Daniels Road roundabout markings had been repainted during an improvement scheme at that location in 2018.

However they did not say when they would be repainted again - only that they would be "refreshed" when they meet the necessary intervention level.

Karl Rands, the council's highways services manager, said: "Road markings, including stop lines, zebra crossings and give-way markings are refreshed as part of routine maintenance.

"We spent approximately £550,000 on road markings each year across the county, £50,000 of that in the city.

"We prioritise work depending on the type of marking and how worn it is. For example, replacing worn stop markings would take priority over some other types of road markings.

"We also try to combine line painting with other works which require lane closures, to keep disruption to a minimum."

Commuter Sheridan Barnes

Sheridan Barnes gets the bus into work everyday, but says her journey would be so much quicker if Norfolk County Council repainted the road markings at the Daniels Road roundabout - Credit: Sarah Burgess