City's car parks FINALLY go cashless

Rouen Road car park has gone cashless 

Rouen Road car park has gone cashless - Credit: George Thompson/LDRS

Norwich residents and visitors will no longer have to scramble around for change when they use council car parks.

Cashless payments are finally being accepted in Norwich council off-street car parks - two years after the move was  first announced.

Back in October 2020, Norwich City Council said it was looking to introduce card payments at its sites at some point in 2021.

Cashless payments have long been available in South Norfolk, North Norfolk, Great Yarmouth and West Norfolk. But the machines in Norwich, installed in 2014, did not accept them.

It costs the city council £120,000 a year to pay a company to collect all the money which drivers put in the machines - and City Hall is keen to cut those costs.

In March, a city council spokesman described the cashless move as "much needed" but had been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Norwich City Council is also looking into cashless solutions for its on-street machines.