Let's play Norfolk Election Bingo!

Polling stations will open on Thursday, June 8. Photo: Nick Butcher

A dog at a polling station. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Norfolk goes to the polls today to pick new county and city councillors, along with a new police and crime commissioner.

The county council results won't be known until Friday evening, with the city council and police and crime commissioner counts not until Saturday.

To kill time, while you wait for all the results of local elections and the big national stories, including the Hartlepool by-election result, we've put together this bingo board for you to play.

Aim for a full-house by the end of Saturday night and keep checking in with this website for all the results and analysis. 

1. A picture of a dog by a polling station is posted on social media, our website or is shown on the television

2. It rains, leading to an entirely unscientific theory about what turnout will be

3. A candidate in the election has a mildly amusing name

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4. Surprise is expressed that some polling stations actually have people queuing to vote

5. Spot a photograph / footage of ballot boxes being emptied, because that's about as visual as it gets for some hours.

6. For one day only, pundits make Hartlepool sound like the most important place on the planet

7. One count in Norfolk seems to be much faster / slower than all the others

8. The increase in postal votes is mentioned

9. Somebody says it was a "hard fought campaign". Because they lost

10. The words "red wall" are uttered by a national pundit

11. A former Norwich City footballer tweets that "they're all as bad as each other" (or something similar)

12. An independent candidate wins

Why not print this handy Election Bingo card out and play along? 

Your print out and keep Election Bingo card

Your print out and keep Election Bingo card - Credit: Archant