Supermarket plans car park changes to ease Riverside traffic congestion

Morrisons on Riverside

Morrisons has submitted plans to ease congestion for shoppers leaving its Norwich Riverside store. - Credit: Simon Parkin

Plans have been submitted to create a new exit from a city supermarket car park in a bid to ease persistent gridlocks near the train station.

Morrisons wants to build a second alternative exit for shoppers leaving its store in Riverside.

Currently all motorists are forced to leave along Albion Way which at busy times is frequently hit by traffic jams.

Frustrated shoppers are often left facing delays as traffic inches forward bumper-to-bumper as Morrisons customers’ cars have to merge with those leaving from the surrounding retail park.

Morrisons car park

Morrisons once to build a second car park exit on to Koblenz Avenue opposite the football ground. - Credit: Simon Parkin

At particularly busy periods traffic queues can be solid from the four-way Albion Way roundabout to traffic lights at Koblenz Avenue.

On the Your Parking Space website one motorist described his experience of trying to leave as “an absolute nightmare”.

Another added: “Trying to exit and turn right is a farce because people are awful and selfish.

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“Left coming traffic will block the entire road between the two sets of lights and you cannot possibly drive into the hatchway or you will be blocking one of the two lanes travelling left and may cause an accident. 

Junction of Albion Way and Koblenz Avenue

Queues of traffic leaving Riverside at the junction of Albion Way and Koblenz Avenue. - Credit: Simon Parkin

“It took us twenty minutes to get out. Much pointing and shouting at the selfish idiots. We were the only car trying to leave and turn right.”

Morrisons proposes a new slip road exit that would join Koblenz Avenue opposite Carrow Road football ground. 

In its planning submission to Norwich City Council it states: “Presently, all traffic has to exit the Morrisons store via the Albion Way roundabout to the west of the store. 

Pedestrian crossing on Albion Way.

Morrisons also plans to install lights to improve safety of the pedestrian crossing on Albion Way. - Credit: Simon Parkin

“The existing situation results in queues for customers departing the site and waiting to turn right onto Albion Way, then left onto Koblenz Avenue at the traffic signal junction.

“This will reduce delays for vehicles egressing the car park as they will also be able to egress onto Koblenz Avenue to the east of the site.”

The supermarket has also submitted plans for a revamped pelican-style pedestrian crossing to make it safer for people to cross Albion Way.

The application can be views at

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