City centre drivers facing higher charges to park on the roadside

Parking on Rouen Road. Picture: Sophie Wylie

Parking on Rouen Road. Picture: Sophie Wylie - Credit: Sophie Wylie

Motorists making use of on-street parking in Norwich city centre will be faced with new charges from today.

Paul Kendrick, Labour city councillor for Catton Grove ward.

Paul Kendrick, Labour city councillor for Catton Grove ward. - Credit: Archant

A 50 pence up-front charge for roadside parking voted in by councillors last September has come into effect this morning.

This means that on some city centre roads - including bays on Rouen Road, Magdalen Street and Bank Plain - £1 will get you just 15 minutes of parking.

City councillor Paul Kendrick, who is part of the Labour group which is the council's ruling party, said: 'It is a reasonable increase. Local government is under financial pressure.'

But the measure met with mixed reactions from city centre shoppers.

John McLaughlin, 51, a retired sales rep from Roedich Drive in Taverham, said: 'It is a good way to keep people out of the city. I would begrudge paying that. I think it will put people off the city. If the council does not want people driving into Norwich why don't they just come out and say it?'

Pip Durrant, 52, who works for Aviva and lives in Acle, said: 'I don't think it will stop people coming into the city.'

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Mrs Durrant did not mind if the extra charges went towards the city.

The new charges affect two types of short stay parking bays in the city - those costing 50 pence per 15 minutes and those costing 30 pence per 15 minutes.

This means charges will be as follows:

n Higher rate (Band A): £1 for the first 15 minutes, 50 pence per 15 minutes thereafter

n Lower rate (Band B): 80 pence for the first 15 minutes, 30 pence per 15 minutes thereafter.

It was estimated in September that the changes could bring in an extra £75,000 for the council, increasing the income generated from around £600,000 to £675,000.

Denise Carlo, who represents the Green Party on the council, said the authority had not put up prices for on-street parking since 2013, which was currently making a loss.

The changes will not impact evening and Sunday parking, with the charges only applying to daytime parking. Most of the charges cease to apply after 6pm or 6.30pm.

The only bays with charges beyond 6.30pm Monday to Saturday are on Prince of Wales Road - which last until 9pm - and bays on Cathedral Street where charges apply between 8am and 10pm.