Find out who is running to represent you on Norwich City Council

Candidates for the 2014 Norwich City Council elections have been announced. Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wir

Candidates for the 2014 Norwich City Council elections have been announced. Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A total of 63 candidates will compete for 14 seats on Norwich City Council which are up for election next month.

One third of the seats on the council will be contested on May 22, the same day that voters go to the polls in the European elections.

Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party are fielding candidates for all 14 seats, while the UK Independence party has put up five candidates, and the Left Unity party has two candidates.

In a statement, the Left Unity party said it was formed as a result of the budget passed by Norfolk County Council.

It said: 'Left Unity came into being in Norwich as a direct consequence of the Tory cuts budget that was passed at County Hall two months ago. Every Labour, Liberal and UKIP county councillor as well as two Greens voted for the £189 million worth of cuts demanded by central government.'

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Labour currently controls the city council with 20 seats, with the Greens forming the opposition with 15. The Liberal Democrats have three councillors.

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Rod Beale, Lib Dem

Jean Kathleen Bishop, Green

Sue Sands, Lab

Paul Anthony George Wells, Con


Evelyn Jean Collishaw, Con

Michelle Ho, UKIP

Tony Arthur Park, Green

Michael John Stonard, Lab

Leigh John Tooke, Lib Dem


Natasha Allen, Con

Julian Joseph Bell, Left Unity

Judith Marianne Ford, Green

Marion Frances Maxwell, Lab

Chris Thomas, Lib Dem

Ann Doris Williams, UKIP


Chris Elderton, Lab

Antony Daniel Little, Con

Jane Isobel Saunders, Green

James William Wright, Lib Dem


Steve Emmens, UKIP

David Angus Fairbairn, Lib Dem

Jonathan Richard Gillespie, Con

Chris Herries, Lab

Laura Jane Middleton, Green


Caroline Elizabeth Aliwell, Lib Dem

Stephanie Ann Friend, Lab

Simeon Jackson, Green

Stefano Joseph Pollard, Con


Steven David Bradley, UKIP

Richard Alan Edwards, Green

Jessica Irene Victoria Lancod-Frost, Con

Michael Anthony Sutton-Croft, Lib Dem

Charmain Louise Woollard, Lab


Robert Alexander Hansard, Con

Beth Jones, Lab

Tim Michael Jones, Green

Ryan Jonathan Mercer, Lib Dem


Daniel Edward Elmer, Con

Karen Elaine Michael, Left Unity

Samuel Neal, Lib Dem

Matthew Robert Packer, Lab

Glenn Stuart Tingle, UKIP

Matthew John Townsend, Green


Eamonn Patrick Burgess, Lab

Michael David Gillespie, Con

Lesley Juliet Grahame, Green

Simon Richard Nobbs, Lib Dem


Steffan Luke Aquarone, Lib Dem

Barry Cochrane, Con

Ash Haynes, Green

Jamal Sealey, Lab

UNIVERSITY WARD (two councillors to be elected)

Bert Bremner, Lab

Tom Crisp, Lib Dem

Phillip Anthony Di Palma, Green

Joe David Ferris, Con

Philip Jimenez, Lib Dem

Spinoza Pitman, Green

Roger Ryan, Lab

Hannah Emma Wiltshire, Con


Sandra Bogelein, Green

Martin Alan Peek, Lab

Helen Anne Whitworth, Lib Dem

James Kenneth Wight, Con

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