Speed signs removed over fears they may have been 'structurally unsound'

The flashing speed sign in Dereham Road, Easton, which has been removed

The flashing speed sign in Dereham Road, Easton, which has been removed - Credit: Peter Milliken

Speed warning signs have been removed from a busy village road following fears they might have fallen over.

The four flashing signs have been taken out of Dereham Road, Easton, after Norfolk County Council asked Easton Parish Council to take action.

Easton Parish Council chairman Peter Milliken.

Easton Parish Council member Peter Milliken - Credit: Denise Bradley

Peter Milliken, 56, a former parish council chairman and current member, said the village organisation has not had any information from highways on where alternative posts can go.

He added he is worried about the lack of signage on drivers' speeds.

Margaret Dewsbury, Conservative county and district councillor for Easton, said: "Highways engineers will be working with the parish council to decide where to put new posts up."

Margaret Dewsbury, Conservative county councillor for Hingham.

Margaret Dewsbury, Conservative county councillor for Easton - Credit: Norfolk Conservatives

The signs were put up in 2017 and cost £4,000 each from parish council funds.

Mr Milliken said: "We have been told to remove our speed safety signs from lighting columns as the columns may not be structurally sound.

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"We have immediately complied as we do not want a column to fall over.

"Speeding is a major issue along the Dereham Road in the village and without these signs, it is an accident waiting to happen.

"The data we collect from the signs are used by the police to target speeders.

"We have invested heavily on tackling speeding."

He added many people often drive faster than the 30mph limit with some reaching 70mph.

The problem has been an issue for around 30 years since the A47 southern bypass was built, he continued.

Dereham Road through Easton used to be the main road into Norwich and the large lighting columns where the flashing signs were attached to used to line the old route.

There are no pedestrian crossings on the road and the parish councillor said: "You have to have your wits about you when crossing."

Easton has two other flashing speed signs, paid for by the county council, also on the large lighting columns and claims the authority asked parish councillors to remove them but he said the council can do what they want with their signs.

The county council was approached for comment.