Plans submitted to transform former B&B into family home

The former bed and breakfast property at the corner of Earlham Road and West Parade

The former bed and breakfast property at the corner of Earlham Road and West Parade. Pictured inset is county councillor Paul Neale - Credit: Ben Hardy/Paul Neale

A former bed and breakfast overlooking a busy city route could soon be redesigned to make the property suitable for a family to live in.

The owners of the property located on the corner of West Parade and Earlham Road have now submitted plans to move the parking area formerly used by the bed and breakfast.

This would enable the garden to be expanded. 

A new vehicle access crossing is instead proposed to allow vehicles access to the property from Earlham Road - which would require the kerbs to be dropped. 

Planning papers state an ‘open’ access crossing would be created to the west of the front boundary, "a safe distance away from the West Parade junction and of a width to ensure suitable visibility". 

Nelson Ward county councillor Paul Neale (Green) does not believe the changes would have much impact on what is now a 20mph road. 

Earlham Road near the junction of West Parade 

Earlham Road near the junction of West Parade - Credit: Ben Hardy

The councillor also praised the applicant for hoping to transform part of the hard surface gravel which dominates the surrounding plot into a green space. 

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Mr Neale continued: "I wait to see more detail of how much they wish to re-green that area and that they are not just greenwashing in their proposals.

"Norwich has over the years been blighted by homeowners removing green spaces and replacing them with hard surfaces.

"With a bit of imagination you can use a firm grid base with integrated grass." 

County councillor Paul Neale 

County councillor Paul Neale - Credit: Paul Neale

The former bed and breakfast was badly bombed as part of the Baedeker Blitz during the Second World War.

As a result of this damage, the property was rebuilt to match the 19th century neighbour.

A design and access statement was prepared on behalf of the applicant by Robert McBride of London architecture firm Studio: Mass. 

It states: "The property used to be a bed and breakfast and so a large car parking area during this time was useful.

"However, now the property has been purchased by a family, such a large driveway is unnecessary and detracts from the potential amenity space."

The applicant has been contacted for comment.