City cycle lane plans slammed

City College students walking along Ipswich Road towards Grove Avenue and Grove Road. Jonathan P Wat

City College students walking along Ipswich Road towards Grove Avenue and Grove Road. Jonathan P Watts says more litter bins are needed in the area - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

Transport for Norwich's plans for cycle lanes along a city street have been slammed as a "veiled attempt at ticking a box".

Changes are being made to Ipswich Road as part of a Transport for Norwich scheme, worth £100,000, including cutting the speed limit to 20mph.

Councillors previously said that the wrong scheme of two options was selected for the redevelopment plans.

Option B - the selected option - was for the lane on the Town Close School side to only stretch from Cecil Road to St Stephens Road, although the school said it doubted parents would use the parking bays that would retain.

Option A would see cycle lanes on both sides of Ipswich Road all the way from Harford Manor School to the Stephens Road junction.

Andrew Patrick said he is "baffled" by the plans, which came down to the casting vote of Conservative committee chairman Martin Wilby after a four / four tie.

He said: "I want the cycle lanes, I just want it to be more thought out.

"It's just a waste money on something which is not fit for purpose. A veiled attempt at ticking a box."

Labour councillor Emma Corlett, who represents Town Close on the city and county council, said: "The whole purpose of the cycle lanes is to encourage people to walk and cycle more and so cyclists can move around as safely as possible.

Councillor Emma Corlett

Councillor Emma Corlett - Credit: Archant

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"The scheme that we've ended up with doesn't do those things.

"What we should have is completely joined up, segregated safe cycle routes on every route into the city.

"This is disjointed and I think it's at real risk of being more confusing for car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians."

A spokesman for Transport for Norwich said: "Increasing levels of walking and cycling are needed in order to reduce congestion on our roads and tackle climate change and appropriate infrastructure needs to be in place to facilitate this shift.

"This is the main objective of the Active Travel Fund and the funding allocated to each local authority can only be used on the specific projects for which it was awarded.

"The Ipswich Road scheme has undergone extensive consultation and engagement with the local community which is reflected in the amended plans put forward for construction”.