'Like extreme sport course' - Anger over road condition

County councillor Jamie Osborn has vowed to enquire into the state of the road at Golding Place

County councillor Jamie Osborn has vowed to enquire into the state of the road at Golding Place - Credit: Google Maps/Archant

A popular route for cyclists and motorists has been described as "unfit for purpose and in need of urgent repair".

Complaints have been voiced over the state of Golding Place, just off Dereham Road in Norwich. 

John Stafford, who regularly parks in Golding Place when visiting the nearby Reindeer pub for Sunday lunch, believes the road needs to be stripped off and re-laid. 

He added: "It's like an extreme sport course. A mere filling of pot holes will not suffice." 

Mr Stafford has reported the issue to Norfolk County Council and contacted the Evening News as part the recently launched 'We'll Sort It' campaign, which aims to resolve the problems of folk across the city no matter how big or small. 

County councillor Jamie Osborn, who represents the Mancroft division, has vowed to take up the issue with the county council. 

Mr Osborn said: "It's important that these things get fixed before the winter when it is icy and freezing and may get worse. 

"It's particularly bad for cyclists there with dangerous potholes. Dereham Road is quite a dangerous road as well.

Jamie Osborn, Green city and county councillor.

Jamie Osborn, Green city and county councillor. - Credit: Jamie Osborn

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"People should report it to the council and I will also put in an enquiry about when it was last resurfaced and what the plans for it will be." 

A spokeswoman for the county council said she would be alerting her colleagues in highways about the issue.

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The Reindeer pub in Dereham Road which is located near Golding Place - Credit: Evelyn Simak

A staff member at the nearby Rage Rooms in Dereham Road, who did not wish to be named, said she parks in the car park at the top of Golding Place every day.

"It's a bit bumpy but it's just a normal road surface in my opinion," she added. 

Andrew Ellis, highway area manager, said: “Golding Place has been identified for surface dressing along with several other locations.  

"We will be developing a programme over the coming months to schedule in these types of works, but in the meantime, we will continue to repair the road as required to keep it in a safe condition.”

A highways problem report form is available on the county council website at www.norfolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/roads/report-a-problem#roadicons