Clive Lewis backs Labour’s move to support second EU referendum

Norwich South MP Clive Lewis

Norwich South MP Clive Lewis - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Norwich MP Clive Lewis has called Jeremy Corbyn's announcement that the Labour party will back moves for a second EU referendum in the coming weeks as a 'hugely positive step.'

Jeremy Corbyn is set to tell a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party later this evening that he will do 'everything' in his power to prevent Britain crashing out of the European Union without a deal and will back the Cooper-Letwin amendment to take the option off the table.

He will tell MPs Labour is 'committed to also putting forward or supporting an amendment in favour of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit being forced on the country'.

The party will seek to enshrine Labour's five Brexit demands in law by tabling an amendment to the Government's Brexit motion which is set to be debated on Wednesday.

The demands include a permanent and comprehensive customs union with the EU and close alignment with the single market, as well as a dynamic alignment on rights and protections and commitments on participation in EU agencies and funding programmes.

If the plan is rejected, Labour will then support a second referendum.

Reacting to the news, Mr Lewis, Labour MP for Norwich South said: 'This decision is a hugely positive step for the Labour Party and our movement as a whole.

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'With this announcement we're now offering real and unambiguous opposition to Tory Brexit and giving the public the final say on the issue.

'To my mind we would never have been forgiven for facilitating Tory Brexit. Especially as the true nature of this project has become increasingly clear to the public these past two years. Namely that it is a hard right, deregulating, race to the bottom economic agenda that has not and will not hesitate to indulge in dog-whistle politics and worse.

'The Labour leadership is clearly stating that if Labour's alternative Brexit proposal is defeated this week, we will swing fully behind giving the public the final say on whether to leave the EU or stay and rebuild Britain and create a Europe for the many,' he said.