Broadland District Council fears bank holiday will affect elections

Broadland District Council fears people may not vote during their district and parish elections on May 5 due to the number of bank holidays.

The council is urging people in the Broadland area to take a postal or a proxy vote rather than not vote at all because they are on holiday.

The bank holidays start with Good Friday on April 22, Easter Monday on April 25, then the Royal Wedding on April 29 followed by the spring bank holiday on May 2 – the same week as the election on May 5.

Anyone who is entitled to vote can choose to vote by post and no reason is required. Alternatively, people can choose to vote by proxy, which means appointing someone else to go to your polling station on your behalf.

Applications for postal or proxy votes for Broadland residents are available from the elections team at Broadland District Council on: ; or 01603 430424. Forms are available now. Postal vote applications have to be returned to the council to arrive by 5pm on April 14, and proxy votes forms by 5pm on April 21.