Take-away staff did not wash hands after handling raw meat - inspector says

Amigo's take-away on Hall Road, which was given one-star in its latest food hygiene inspection. Pict

Amigo's take-away on Hall Road, which was given one-star in its latest food hygiene inspection. Picture: Google - Credit: Google

A take-away worker was seen handling raw meat before moving on to touch cooked food - a hygiene inspector has said.

Amigo's on Hall Road in Norwich, a mixed food take-away, has been told it must take urgent action after being given just one star in its latest food hygiene inspection.

The take-away, which serves kebabs and pizza was visited by Norwich City Council's hygiene team last month and recently-published results have called for major improvements from the restaurant.

The inspector raised a number of concerns over the way the take-away was run, including issues of cross-contamination and handling of uncooked food.

In the report, the inspector said: 'A food handler was seen handling raw food - placing raw burgers on the griddle - and then preparing a ready-to-eat cooked chicken wrap without washing their hands.

'This represented poor practice and if allowed to continue may cause food to become contaminated or lead to its deterioration.'

The take-away was also criticised for allowing frozen food to defrost at room temperature and using the same cooking utensils for raw and ready-to-eat foods, such as salads.

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The shop was slapped with the second lowest rating available in food inspections, with only a rating of zero lower.

The inspector also heavily criticised the take-away's management for not writing down food safety procedures or giving staff training in food hygiene.

The inspector added: 'Food handlers were not washing their hands often enough, were using poor cross-contamination practices and were not aware of the food safety management system.'

However, the take-away's manager informed the inspector that the staff were going to be participating in a level two food hygiene course.

The inspector also said the shop did not alert customers to the potential for cross-contamination in relation to allergens.

Amigo's will now have the option to apply for a swift re-inspection once it has taken the necessary action to improve - though this will come at a financial cost.

A member of staff at Amigo's who was contacted said the shop's manager was not available to comment and would not be there for two weeks.

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