Questions have been raised about when the public will get to have their say on a £6.2m revamp of one of the city's biggest routes.

Council bosses unveiled proposals which would make major changes to five sections of Dereham Road to improve safety and cut two minutes off bus journey times almost a year ago.

Potential changes include two new bus lanes between Longwater Lane and the Bowthorpe Roundabout.

Plans would also see the speed limit being cut from 40mph to 30mph in that section with footpaths widened too.

It was also suggested a new £4.1m mobility hub - including bus stops, cycle parking, car club spaces and Beryl bike bays - would be built off Bowthorpe Roundabout.

The subway would be removed and replaced with a cycle and pedestrian crossing.

Before the plans are given the green light, they have to go through a public consultation.

The consultation was due to go ahead earlier this year before being delayed to this summer and then pushed back again to last month, according to Gary Blundell, Costessey Town Council member.

The county council has now said the consultation will go live in the "coming weeks".

Mr Blundell said: "The consultation needs to be put out there for people to have their say.

"It is disheartening. The council has the money to the improvements and it is taking so long.

"Dereham Road is a main arterial route into Norwich and is extremely busy. It needs an upgrade.

"The problem is we are in the unknown. The council has got this money and there is a worry the plan is going to be shelved and disappears."

He claimed other roads have been upgraded with council funds quicker than the Dereham Road stretch.

Norwich Evening News: District and county councillor Sharon Blundell with her husband Gary Blundell, member of Costessey Town Council,District and county councillor Sharon Blundell with her husband Gary Blundell, member of Costessey Town Council, (Image: Sophie Wyllie)

His wife, Sharon Blundell, county councillor for Costessey, said she was "trying to get answers".

A council spokesman said: “The wider Transforming Cities programme features more than 30 projects across Greater Norwich. Many of these have now been delivered or are in various stages of development.

"Improvements along the Dereham Road corridor will be ready for public consultation in the coming weeks. Further information will be published at this time.”