A rat-blighted homeowner said he felt "fobbed off" by the council when calling to complain.

Residents around Prince of Wales Road and Tombland have been blighted by rats - some as large as cats.

People living on St Faiths Lane, which runs behind Prince of Wales Road, said they were unsure how rats were getting in, with exterminators saying they might be getting in by climbing up drain pipes.

"There was rubbish left there for ages, it just kept building up," said Justin Neale, who lives on St Faiths Lane.

"There was a rats’ nest under all the rubbish and they were going into people's houses.

"We contacted the council about it a while ago when they were coming into my workshop."

Norwich Evening News: Rubbish left between St Faiths Lane and Prince of Wales Road after other areas had been cleaned upRubbish left between St Faiths Lane and Prince of Wales Road after other areas had been cleaned up (Image: Archant)

Mr Neale said he had seen fewer rats since the waste was cleared, with some removed earlier in the week.

Mr Neale added it was disappointing that the council would cover over Black Lives Matter street art within 24 hours of a complaint, but when he reports waste or rats he was told it was noted or to report it on their website.

He added: "We're utterly fobbed off."

Other St Faiths residents, who asked not to be named, said they and their neighbours had rats running around in their ceiling, while another said one had lept out from a kitchen cupboard.

Residents whose homes did not back on to businesses seem to have avoided the issue, with Chris Wright saying they had not had an issue in years.

The rat issue was raised at Tuesday's city council meeting.

The Green Party's Thorpe Hamlet ward councillor, Ben Price, said current collections were "clearly inadequate" and left out food waste bins had likely helped increase the rat population.

Asked for a long-term solution, Cate Oliver, cabinet member for environmental services, said many businesses lack the space for waste storage and enforcement action is an option but they want to work with businesses first.

She agreed to sit down with the ward councillors and officers to look at options.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Price said he thought the council “lacks the vision” to think creatively for a fix.

Adding: “Residents will feel let down by this approach as the rat problem continues to grow.”

Ms Oliver responded that it was "disappointing" Mr Price is raising the issue again after she responded at the meeting and was looking forward to his input.