A farming business near Norwich has put forward plans to expand and allow caravan users to set up at their site.

The existing agricultural building at Black Barn Farm in Salhouse was approved in November 2018 and the business has since been used for indoor fairs and other commercial ventures.

And now the owner Trevor Thain intends to expand the site by converting an outdoor space into caravan pitches and mixed livestock grazing.

He also intends to enable a range of flexible business, retail and educational uses within the existing agricultural building.

A design and access statement for the application says: "The aim is to provide flexibility throughout the building and will hopefully ensure the proposal is economically viable.

"This means individual business can adapt or interchange for a range of appropriate uses, without being encountered by planning restrictions."

Those using the caravan pitches will be able to use the facilities within the main barn, which the applicant hopes will create "greater footfall for the economic business uses and the eatery".

A total of 20 caravan pitches have been created for all year use.

There are also plans to put in 80 car parking spaces, including 17 staff parking spaces, five disabled parking spaces, as well as motorbike spaces.

The change of use plans were submitted to Broadland District Council at the end of December.

At the moment the outside space is being used for growing fruit and vegetables which are sold in the farm shop within the barn.

Martin Murrell, district councillor for Salhouse, remembers when the farm started off as a small veg store outside the barn.

"Anything which will encourage tourism and economic growth within the area has got to be a good thing," Mr Murrell said.

"There is a reasonable parking area and its got a sufficient drive and access so I am for it."

Norwich Evening News: Broadland district councillor Martin MurrellBroadland district councillor Martin Murrell (Image: Broadland District Council)

Pete Moll, who lives in Salhouse Road, said: "I hope this gets approved. I live in Rackheath and have visited this place for pumpkin picking.

"I feel that everything they're doing or planning is an asset for the local community."

Mr Thain said he has nothing to add when contacted.