Visitor numbers at a family attraction could boom by 200,000 a year if an ambitious bid for new rides is approved.

The hybrid full and outline application from Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, in Lenwade, has been put forward to Broadland District Council by park director Adam Goymour.

If approved, the 85-acre attraction will be expanded over three phases in a deer safari space from 2023.

It will include rides, eating and drinking areas, a high play den and ecological spaces and visitor numbers could increase from 300,000 to 500,000 a year.

Following on from a public consultation, the main 10 metre volcano-themed ride has been relocated.

The planning statement said: "It is now screened by boundary trees. With the exception of the edge of the woodland associated with Round the Woods glamping site the volcano is largely invisible.

"The chosen rides are not adrenaline thrill rides and so do not cause noise from screaming such as commonly occur from roller coaster rides for older participants."

Other new attractions will include a tea cups ride and water play area, tree planting will be introduced and overflow car park will be expanded.

Mr Goymour said: "We have taken on board seriously all the comments and concerns received and have reworked our original plans significantly to mitigate these concerns as much as we possibly can. The submitted scheme incorporates significant biodiversity enhancements and noise mitigation measures.

"We hope to continue to work with everyone in the local community and hope too, that any perceived negatives can be balanced with the significant positives that these plans will bring to the wider communities and not least Norfolk’s place as a top visitor destination."

Greg Peck, Conservative county councillor for Reepham ward, said: "I support the aspirations of the park to increase their business. But I want to be assured they have put in mitigation to avoid concerns of neighbours."

Kate Symonds, who runs the Round the Woods glamping site, said: "We have been providing holidays for our guests to escape the noise and stresses of everyday life and relax in a beautiful natural setting since 2015. We are seriously concerned about the noise and visual impact of Roarr's planned expansion."