Norwich North MP Chloe Smith has responded to the Sue Gray report into parties at Downing Street - by saying she has “no more to add” to her previous remarks on the issue.

Ms Smith had in January said she would “certainly be looking extremely closely at the [Sue Gray] inquiry”, and in February, said it was "fair to await the results" of the Sue Gray report and the Metropolitan Police investigation.

The MP was approached for comment following the report's release on Wednesday, and she said she would be issuing a statement on her website.

But in the statement, published on Thursday, the only comment she made of the report’s content is that it “contains concerning details”.

She quoted the prime minister’s defence of his actions, which he made on Wednesday, before writing: “I’ve published extensive comments of my own for constituents to read, and have no more to add, especially as the PM has spoken for himself."

She added: "I intend to focus on the many other issues that are critical for constituents."

In Ms Smith's previous comments, she has said many constituents have written to her upset about the situation, that she "recognises people's anger", and that the prime minister has been right to apologise, but that she continues to support his leadership.