There are urgent calls for more hedge cutting in a city suburb after fears children in buggies and cyclists are being injured by overgrown bushes.

Mike Sands, Labour city and county councillor for Bowthorpe, claims some areas have not been touched for a year.

Norwich Evening News: An overgrown hedge in Peverell Road, BowthorpeAn overgrown hedge in Peverell Road, Bowthorpe (Image: Mike Sands)

He added many people living in the area have raised concerns about the overgrown shrubs.

Mr Sands described Bowthorpe as a "lovely place to live" but added: "There is a lack of care for the area.

"Bowthorpe is criss-crossed with walkways and cycle paths and has far more trees and hedges than other areas of the city. It needs extra attention.

"Hedge cutting is supposed to be done three to four times a year.

"I understand there are budgetary constraints but some areas have not been cut at all.

"It is dangerous.

"So many areas are overgrown. It is diabolical.

"There are brambles which could get in the way of children's faces while in buggies and I know of adults who have been cut by the vegetation."

Norwich Evening News: Overgrown bushes in Boatman Way, BowthorpeOvergrown bushes in Boatman Way, Bowthorpe (Image: Mike Sands)

The county council said it will carry out inspections if plants are thought to be dangerous.

Mr Sands added another species which is prevalent in the area is pyacanthus.

It was reported to Mr Sands that it caused an allergic reaction when it cut a man's arm while he was walking around the area.

Mr Sands said the contract to cut hedges was taken on by the county council four years ago after it previously shared the job with city council.

A county council spokeswoman said: “We are responsible for maintaining adopted highway land however in almost all cases the boundary hedges and trees next to roads and paths are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner.

"When people report a danger or obstruction we will carry out an inspection and if we find a problem we'll either contact whoever is responsible and ask them to arrange for their hedges or trees to be pruned or, for our trees or hedges, we will schedule the necessary work to be completed.

"Our contractors have cut back some hedges in Bowthorpe that are our responsibility in recent weeks.

“People can report highway issues on”