Limited tickets left to see The Dead South at OPEN in Norwich

The Dead South. Photo: Courtesy of Midnight Mango Ltd

The Dead South. Photo: Courtesy of Midnight Mango Ltd - Credit: Courtesy of Midnight Mango Ltd

Canadian folk-bluegrass quartet The Dead South are coming to Norwich to headline OPEN on April 19 with what looks to be a sell out show.

After originally being booked into the venue's club, the show was upgraded to OPEN's new space in Banking Hall after the tickets sold out just before Christmas.

While The Dead South's signature blend of bluegrass and classic folk is familiar, it's also eminently fresh; fuelled by the kind of energy and ethic you'd associate with a punk band.

The instrumentation on their debut album 'Good Company' stays knowingly pure: guitars, cello, banjo, kick drum, mandolin – building the acoustic fundamentals for full lead vocals and harmonies.

Since the release of their second album 'Illusion & Doubt' in late 2016, The Dead South have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with.

'We are definitely closer to the Pogues than to Alison Krauss. Unfortunately, we do not possess much of the delicate elegance so we try and bring more energy and entertainment to our side,' explains singer and guitarist Nate Hilts.

'You could say we are a mix of Nu-folk with a few different styles mixed in between. We tend to add elements of classical, punk, rock, alternative, bluegrass, folk and everything in between.'

Tickets to their show in Norwich are available from OPEN's website for £12 advance.