Letter from the editor: Reasons to get behind our campaign to help Norwich Market

The colourful canopies of Norwich Market.

The colourful canopies of Norwich Market. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2014

A few weeks ago I used this column to emphasise the value of a good newspaper campaign and call on you the reader to come forward with some ideas for issues we could get behind.

That led to an approach by the Royal British Legion, who have been struggling for Poppy Appeal collectors in Norwich, and I've been delighted that the subsequent campaign has prompted dozens of people to come forward.

This will ensure thousands more pounds will be raised to help a very worthy charity and is hopefully another example to add to the list of reasons why the local media can still make a difference.

Last week, meanwhile, we launched another very important campaign and one that I hope you will get behind. Our clarion call to back Norwich Market came on the back of a phone call from a trader.

He explained how concerned he was at an apparent fall in footfall and urged the paper to do something to help.

After spending a very pleasant hour chatting through ideas over a cup of tea (purchased from the market, of course) it seemed clear this was indeed a fantastic cause to rally behind.

I'm hoping you, the reader, will agree there are several reasons to back Norwich Market, some of which include:

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•? Tradition. We should be proud of the fact Norwich has the oldest permanent market in the country.

•? Supporting local people. Most of those who run the stalls live in Norwich and are working very hard to make the best living they can.

•? Quality and variety. Once you take a step under those colourful canopies it's staggering just how much variety there is to be found.

?• Cost. In these thrifty times, taking the time to use the market can often free up money to be spent elsewhere.

We live in very socially conscious times. It makes people feel happy to know the money they spend isn't simply lining the pocket of some mega-rich shareholder. Spend your money at Norwich Market and be satisfied it's helping the city economy and its people.

If you have any news, views or feedback then please do drop me a line at david.powles@archant.co.uk

David Powles