Letter from the editor: Good to see Norwich City boss on his vision, now it needs to happen

Norwich City boss Jez Moxey has outlined his vision for the Canaries. Picture: PA

Norwich City boss Jez Moxey has outlined his vision for the Canaries. Picture: PA - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Regular readers of the Evening News will know that in a previous incarnation, my views on the goings-on at a certain football club used to trouble the back end of this paper.

Upon being appointed editor it seemed like a good time to bring that particular chapter of my life to an end and give it over to a fresh pair of eyes.

Despite this, I continue to be a regular visitor to Carrow Road and those strong views I was lucky enough to write about for six or so seasons have not receded.

The aim of this column is to discuss matters which impact upon this city and its people. I've always been of the opinion that football fits into that category because it directly impacts even those who have no interest as to whether City have won or not.

You so often hear the experts say that a Premier League football team equals a Premier League city.

Therefore, if Norwich are at the top of the football tree, it has a positive impact in terms of investment, tourism and the general image people have of the city.

And while Championship football can be fast, furious and highly entertaining, on and off-the-field factors dictate that it's vital the club gets back to the Premier League at the earliest opportunity.

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As a fan I've been through year after year of Championship mediocrity and seen how bored people quickly become.

The experience of our cousins down the A140, where crowds and levels of interest have dwindled, only emphasises the need to avoid such an outcome.

It was heartening, therefore, to read this week an in-depth vision from new chief executive Jez Moxey, spelling out the importance of exactly that happening.

Like him or loathe him, one thing that always impressed about former chief David McNally was he had a clear vision. The seven-year-plan as it was known.

I'd worried in recent months that, since his departure, drift had set in and clarity had been lost. Hopefully that plan exists, now the club just needs to work out how to make it happen...

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