Let the sunshine in with new looks for your home

Summer is here and it's not just your summer wardrobe that could be in need of a makeover – your home could too. EMMA HARROWING speaks to three Norwich interior designers to find out how you can give your home a revamp for summer.

Brights, white, coastal and vintage style are the key looks for your home this summer. Regular Life Matters readers will know that the beach look was the focus of the interior pages in last Saturday's Norwich Evening News. So how can you give your home a bit of a spruce up with one of the remaining interior looks?

Jarrolds interior designer Lulu Ward suggests that you find the look that best suits your personality.

'We want to reflect something of ourselves through the interior of our homes and we are also mindful of our impact on the environment,' says Lulu.

'People are looking for distinctive features marked by imperfections. A new organic look is created which captures nature in all its forms through colours and textures.'

There seems to be a divide between what look we want to go for in our homes.

Our new love for all things nostalgic is driving the trend for new vintage style, with florals, bird prints and period design.

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Whereas a need to declutter and decompress has led some to adopt a minimalist look to their homes with sleek white walls and white contemporary furniture.

And for those that fall somewhere in the middle, bright colours could be the look for you. Brights can be ultra modern with sleek block coloured furniture or a flash of colour on one wall of an otherwise neutral room, or toned down slightly with colourful floral upholstery fabric or patterned accessories, which give a vintage look.

Of course you don't have to decorate all the rooms in your house in the same way. Mixing and matching styles and textures is also on trend and is an easy way to put a little bit of your personality into your home d�cor.

The top tip from John Lewis home design advisors is to make use of your garden space too. The warmer months make your garden an extension to your living space and you can bring the outside indoors for an easy take on summer style.

To help you decide what look is for you, we have put together a mini-guide to how you can get each look for your home. Just click on the photo gallery link at the top right of this page.