Legacy of Lonsdale is alive and kicking

Friendships were rekindled as more than 100 former pupils of Norwich's Lonsdale School got together for a reunion. Derek James reports.

The legacy of Lonsdale is alive and kicking....more than 100 former pupils at the famous old Norwich school turned a reunion into a smash hit with so many old friendships being rekindled.

'The event was an outstanding success. There were no less than 107 Lonsdalians ranging from 30-year-olds to the marvellous ladies who attended the school in the 1920s,' said one of the organisers Pamela Dickerson (Thompson).

In fact there was no more room for the lunch in The Oaklands Hotel which turned out to be one of the most successful get-togethers of recent times.

The annual gatherings have been given a new lease of life by a team of six organisers, from the class of 1964, who got together to make sure the reunions went from strength to strength,

'Our group has certainly resurrected something very close to many hearts and I have a feeling that we may eventually have to look for a bigger venue,' said Pamela.

Lonsdale School was first opened as an independent school for girls in West Pottergate way back in 1823. It moved to Earlham Road in 1895 where it operated as an independent school for girls – finally closing in the autumn of 1988.

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'The old school was very special in many ways despite certain shortcomings it may have had,' added Pamela who runs Tudor Galleries in Norwich, next to the Theatre Royal.

'What it did provide was simply priceless in teaching pupils the principles of kindness, compassion and consideration to others, along with old fashioned values,' she added.

'The bonding and close friendships of Lonsdalians over the years still thrives through life's ups and downs, and that is why it is so important to keep the legacy of Lonsdale alive,' said Pamela.

Former pupils from across East Anglia came back to Norwich for the reunion and now the search is on for more of the younger Lonsdalians to step forward to make sure the gatherings continue for many years to come.

The next reunion will be back at the Oaklands Hotel on Saturday, October 29 2011.