Those harmed by poverty must be heard

The People's Picnic serve the homeless twice a week from the Haymarket. Photo: People's Picnic

The People's Picnic serve the homeless twice a week from the Haymarket. Photo: People's Picnic - Credit: Archant

Many will have noticed the rise in rough sleepers on our streets, particularly in Norwich city centre, in the last two years.

How to deal with that issue and ensure the best outcome for all is a complex one however.

It's something this newspaper has given great prominence to over the last 12 months. However, today we pledge to put even more of a focus on the experiences of those living in the margins of society.

MORE: 'There is no easy solution' - the human cost of rough sleeping in NorwichBe it those sleeping in shop doorways, living in temporary accommodation or struggling to get by in a squalid home, all of these issues and more will be covered in these pages. The aim being to help all of us work out the best way forward.

However, all that we ask in return is that people are given the chance to have their say, without fear of reprimand or reprisal.

MORE: 'I used to go down the bins for food' - 84 year old sleeping rough helped by soup kitchensThis is a highly complex and highly emotive subject, which is why it's vital as many voices as possible are heard.

The only way the huge problems around homelessness and poverty, which experts fear will worsen in the coming years, are going to be solved is by all the different groups already working on the issue coming together, with one common goal.

Yes the way to get their should be up for debate, but that debate should be reasoned, informed and made without prejudice. Wouldn't it be great to make Norfolk the county which solved the puzzle of poverty and homelessness?

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