Flames engulf motorbike on walking path

The motorcycle was left burning on Lakenham Way. Picture: Archant

The motorcycle was left burning on Lakenham Way. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

A motorcycle was left to burn in the middle of a city walking path overnight.

The vehicle, a low-powered scooter-type bike, was found in the middle of the pathway of Lakenham Way - a pedestrian/cycle pathway between Brazen Gate and Sandy Lane, around 6am on March 25.

By that time the bike was still on fire, but most of it had already been charred and destroyed by the flames. Smoke and noxious fumes were pouring from the wreckage.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue were called and one fire engine arrived within 10 minutes, accessing the site via Mansfield Lane.

The firefighters used hand appliances to extinguish the flames.

Fire and Rescue said: “One appliance Carrow attended a vehicle fire on Mansfield Lane crew used hand appliances.”

Last year, it was reported that Lakenham Way had magnet for drug users who pick up deals along the walk or use areas behind the bridges or covered by undergrowth to gather and take drugs or drink.

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