Knitting scarves - for Justin Fashanu campaign

Mary HamiltonKnitting volunteers and a city councillor turned out yesterday to help make football scarves for a visiting team with a difference.Mary Hamilton

Footballers to be made welcome with scarves

Knitting volunteers and a city councillor turned out yesterday to help make football scarves for a visiting team with a difference.

Long-time and first-time knitters are working together to knit pink and black scarves for the Justin Allstars, who will visit Norwich from Brighton on Friday to launch the international Football v Homophobia campaign.

Well-known City fan Roy Blower, president of the Norwich City Independent Supporters' Association, went along to the Forum to learn how to turn a stitch and support the campaign.

'I have never knitted before, but there is a first time for everything,' he said. 'It's a good cause.

'We have had problems with racism in football, and I would like to see all discrimination banned and to help open people's minds.'

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Community filmmaker Michelle Savage, who also chairs the Norwich Pride collective, said she hoped the scarves would help the Allstars feel at home - and that a few would be taken home after the match.

She is pictured giving some knitting tips to Mr Blower.

Two teams of Norwich City supporters will take on the visiting teams at Carrow Park on Friday at 7pm, after a day of events to mark the Football v Homophobia launch.

The event falls on the birthday of Norwich City star Justin Fashanu, who committed suicide in 1998.

He is still the only professional footballer to come out as gay.

Norwich City chief executive David McNally will speak at the game, and the matches will be kicked off by Norwich MPs Charles Clarke and Chloe Smith, and Justin's niece Amal Fashanu.

� If you would like to help knit Allstars scarves, contact Michelle Savage on 07985 409873.

� To find out more about the campaign visit

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