Kingdom being used to promote Norfolk

Norfolk-based TV programme Kingdom, which stars Stephen Fry (pictured), is being used to plug the county as a tourism destination in Scandinavia.

Norfolk-based TV programme Kingdom is being used to plug the county as a tourism destination in Scandinavia.

Shot on location at Swaffham and elsewhere in the county, Kingdom follows Peter Kingdom - a small-town solicitor played by Stephen Fry, below - whose work revolves around cases brought by the people of the fictional community, Market Shipborough.

Hallmark Channel, part of the NBC Universal organisation, premiered Kingdom in Scandinavia last year and began showing its second season in mid-April.

As part of the link-up, Hallmark has agreed to fund a competition with the county council and Norfolk Tourism in which 12 Scandinavian viewers of Kingdom will win a trip

to stay in Norfolk during June.

An advert plugging Norfolk as a travel destination is running after each episode shown in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, inviting viewers to answer the competition question: In which county is Kingdom set?

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Two pairs of winners from each country will then be chosen at random when the competition ends later this month.

Articles about the programme and competition are also being placed in television listing magazines in each country as part of the link-up.

About 1,000 viewers are believed to have already entered the competition, with the winners' trip featuring a guided tour that will include the "Kingdom trail" and a visit to Norwich and the Broads.