Dangerous weeds get the chop after river safety fears raised

The Broads Authority cutting weeds in the River Yare at Thorpe St Andrew

The Broads Authority cutting weeds in the River Yare at Thorpe St Andrew - Credit: Malcolm Martins

Thick weeds which have been infesting a city river have been slashed back after fears were raised over people's safety.

The Broads Authority has been spotted cutting the dangerous water plants lurking in a stretch of the River Yare in Thorpe St Andrew between The Town House and Thorpe Western Junction Railway Bridge.

The weeds had grown to unusually large lengths during the warm weather months. 

It prompted Thorpe St Andrew boat businessman Mark Appel to raise fears for anyone who might fall into the water given how thick the weeds are.

But the Broads Authority sent its water plant cutting vessel out to the location last week to clear the "killer" weeds.

Weeds in the water in the River Yare in Thorpe St Andrew 

Weeds in the water in the River Yare in Thorpe St Andrew - Credit: Mark Appel

A spokesman for the Broads Authority said: "The increasing growth of water plants is a direct consequence of environmental improvements, clearer and better quality water and the team are increasing an already busy programme."

Thorpe St Andrew boat user and historian Malcolm Martins spotted the Broads Authority in action.

Mr Martins said: "There has been a problem with more weeds this summer. This could be because of the nutrients. 

"It has not just been the weeds but the sewage causing issues along that river recently. The biggest impact is on paddleboarders and canoeists who use that river regularly."

Thorpe St Andrew historian Malcolm Martins 

Thorpe St Andrew historian Malcolm Martins - Credit: Malcolm Martins 

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The Broads Authority said it has been made aware of more water plants currently in the area than may have been present in previous months and years.

It added it is expected that the plants will naturally die down after October. 

Further reassurance was provided as the cutter machine will make several trips along the Yare between April and October.

The Broads Authority is responsible for keeping 125 miles of navigation maintained and safe in the area. 

Thick weeds means parts of the River Yare currently unnavigable

Thick weeds have been growing in the Yare due to the warmer water - Credit: Mark Appel

Meanwhile, the Environment Agency has said it is working with the town and district Councils, as well as the Broads Authority, to resolve the sewage issue caused by a misconnection into the surface water system.

People are urged to report suspected pollution to the Environment Agency's 24-hour incident line on 0800 807060