Reader Letter: War memorial vandal was 'lone agent provocateur'

Woman with pink hair at kill the bill protest in Norwich

Helen Drumm at protest against crime and policing bill in Norwich. Inset shows kill the bill written on Norwich war memorial. - Credit: Archant

A reader who attended the 'Kill the Bill' protest has written to insist that the majority of people in attendance were non-violent and peaceful.

"To Norfolk's people,

"I would like to clarify that the vast majority of demonstrators from all walks of life yesterday were non-violent and peaceful.

"That there was one person, who, sitting on the left side of the memorial, for one of another reason did not like to be photographed by a bystander and complained about it.

"Secondly, the inscriptions on my hat said 'stop the western link' referring to the ecological and gross polluting NCC plans that we should continue to build roads through a pristine wetland and forests, supplying Norwich with drinking water, as well as being the maternity roosts for Barbastelle bats, for a very long time.

"Myself, and dare I say, the vast majority who ended up peacefully marching through Norwich, did not identify with such agent provocateur type action of a lone individual.

"These people have fallen for us in two world wars, including for our right to demonstrate against such medieval proposals being whipped through the HoC, using pandemic emergency laws to pervert democracy at its heart."

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Ingo Wagenknecht
Rockland St. Mary