Kate Nash review: Her stage presence and charisma are unrelenting throughout

Kate Nash. Picture: Supplied by UEA Box Office

Kate Nash. Picture: Supplied by UEA Box Office - Credit: Supplied by UEA Box Office

After an immensely successful hiatus in the acting world, Kate Nash is back touring and doing what she does best and treats her loyal fanbase at the Waterfront to a truly joyous live celebration of her career so far.

The star of Netflix wrestling show GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) is her usual bubbly and energetic self as she bounced onto stage grinning from ear to ear, trademark red pony tail thrashing back and forth, clearly ecstatic to be back on the live circuit.

Opener Life in Pink is the perfect start to the night, a punky riotous stomper that benefits greatly from the beefier live sound courtesy of her excellent backing band.

The politically charged feminist banger Agenda is colossal and its lyrics criticising sexism and the oppression of women in the music industry are as empowering as ever.

She talks passionately later on in the set about the struggles and yet huge rewards of being an independent artist. She now releases all music herself after quitting her record label when they failed to support her during a tough period of mental health and critical backlash, after her initial breakthrough over a decade ago. It's this refusal to be controlled both personally and artistically that makes Kate Nash such a vitally important trailblazer and role model, as she has all the right messages, and infectious feel good pop songs to perfectly complement this.

Her genuine heartfelt lyrics go from the hilariously satirical, in her witty commentary of mundane everyday life, to the empoweringly defiant from song to song.

Big singles Pumpkin Soup and D******d are perhaps controversially left out of the setlist but there is no shortage of hits and this only proves the strength of her back catalogue.

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She then rattles through several tracks from her 2018 album Yesterday Was Forever, including Musical Theatre and My Little Alien. Her stage presence and charisma are unrelenting throughout, and its simply joyous to see an artist having such genuine fun on stage, transcending onto the buoyant crowd.

After keeping the suspense up through the entire set, she finally dropped the opening piano notes of the iconic scream along anthem Foundations. It's safe to say it's absolute pandemonium for the next four minutes as the crowd erupted into full hysteria. Now twelve years old this monstrous banger still sounds as glorious and uplifting as the day it was released and is predictably the climax of the evening.

She returned after the chaos of Foundations for a final encore of Birds and Merry Happy, also from her platinum selling debut album Made of Bricks, before signing off with a karaoke rendition of (I've had) The time of my life, the timeless theme song from Dirty Dancing.

It's a fittingly appropriate end to a fantastically entertaining performance, and its certain to say just like her adoring army of fans she really is back having the time of her life.

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