Kabeedies are tops in Topshop

Simon ParkinOnce getting a big break for your band involved securing a spot on Top of the Pops, but in the age of the download, The Kabeedies hope to get the same effect from a place on screens in Topshop.Simon Parkin

Once getting a big break for your band involved securing a spot on Top of the Pops, but in the age of the download you can get the same effect from a place in Topshop.

The Kabeedies are certainly hoping the effect will be the same as they become stars of the video screen at Topshop stores across Europe.

The video for the Norwich band's new single Jitterbug Re-Edit has been chosen to be screened in the retail chain's network of stores - from Norwich to Aberdeen, and even in across the continent from Stockholm to Istanbul. It will be played four times a day in 100 stores for the next two weeks.

It means the band's sights and sounds will be seen and heard by tens of thousands of fashion conscious teenagers across Europe every week. "It's weird to think people in Europe will be looking at our video while browsing through clothes," said singer Katie Allard.

The video was made by Norwich-based Lambda Films, an independent media production company set up in 2008 by UEA graduates, Alex Morris and Ryan Stone.

'We were delighted to be approached,' said Alex. 'As a band, they've come on a long way in such a short space of time; they're regularly touring the country and festivals both home and abroad, they have a huge national following and enjoy regular engagement and praise from their fans via the usual social media outlets. They wanted a video that showcased the evolution in their sound, and they wanted to get it in front of as many people as possible.'

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The result, which was shot at the city's Unit 5 Studios, is a de-saturated, moody and catchy little number in full high definition which you can watch by simply following the link below.

As well as being picked up by Topshop TV, the video is currently receiving around 300 views a day online, in addition to a positive mix of comments and ratings.

t The Kabeedies' Jitterbug Re-Edit, is available for download now at: www.nrone.co.uk