Leading K-rock band are heading to Norwich

K-rock band Bursters are heading to Norwich. Picture: Bursters

K-rock band Bursters are heading to Norwich. Picture: Bursters - Credit: Bursters

Bursters are at the forefront of the Korean metal scene.

They are leading a genre that is being tipped to take the rock world by storm, and they are heading to Norwich for their first-ever show outside their native South Korea.

The five-piece alt-metal band, comprised of Daegun Roh (vocals), Junyong Ahn (guitarist), Gyejin Lee (guitarist and synths), Hwanhee Jo (bassist) and Taehee Jo (drummer), begin their K-Rock Revelation world tour at the Waterfront on Monday, July 15.

Looking to fly the flag for Korean rock in the same way that fellow Koreans such as BTS have hit big with K-pop, we popped some questions to the band ahead of their visit to Norfolk.

Is K-rock something that's here to stay?

Daegun: Many more great artists and music will be coming out from K-rock from now on. Rock music lovers and the public overall should ready themselves to take them in.

Why do you think K-rock is becoming more popular?

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Junyong: K-pop has become popular worldwide, and Korean rock bands have those unique characteristics of Korean music that makes it so. I think that's why many people can't help but be attracted to it.

Taehee: For the past few years, K-pop has been consistently active on the world stage. Artists like PSY and BTS have even hit the very peak of the global music market. So I think not only K-rock but Korean culture overall is really gaining in popularity.

Who are your greatest influences?

Hwanhee: I've always liked bands that are at the forefront of New Metal such as Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Korn.

Gyejin: It's Linkin Park, for sure.

Taehee: Coldplay, and John Bonham among drummers specifically.

Daegun: When I first began music, back in my school rock band, the very first non-Korean artist's song I covered was Time is Running Out, by Muse. So the band has a lot of meaning for me. But I have so many influences. Bullet For My Valentine, Finch, Story of the Year, My Chemical Romance, The Used, 30 Seconds to Mars, ONE OK ROCK, Coldrain, Coldplay and more. Currently, the vocal colour that I'm striving for is akin to that of Architects and Bring Me the Horizon.

What are you looking forward to most about your world tour?

Daegun: I have never been outside of Korea before. Everything will be new and different to me, I'm sure. I also consider it great honour and blessing to sing at places where artists I like have lived and breathed and created their music.

Junyong: First of all, I have never performed outside of Korea so everything seems exciting. I am very, very looking forward to the tour because the country itself, the gig venues, the audience and the mood will all feel new to me.

Hwanee: Since it's our first world tour, we'll get to meet audiences and all sorts of venues that aren't Korean, for the first time. Personally, I think it's just going to be crazy fun.

Gyjin: It's the fact that I get to be on stages that musicians I look up to have performed on.

Taehee: I'm curious as to how well our music will be received at the birthplace of rock. Let's enjoy it altogether.

Have you been to the UK before?

Daegun: It's my first-ever trip abroad so I'm really looking forward to every single thing.

Junyong: It's my first visit. Since it's an honour to tour at the birthplace of rock, the UK, I want to leave a good impression. I'm on the edge of my seat.

Hwanhee: No, this is my first time. I never had a proper chance to travel outside of Korea, so this is great.

Gyejin: No, I haven't, so I look forward to it even more.

Taehee: No, I've been to many countries but Europe is a first time for me.

What are your plans for after the tour?

Junyong: We plan to perform in a wide variety of stages and will be releasing our full album after the UK tour. I want to play for people at more and more places.

Hwanhee: We'll release our full album then. We also want to keep giving great performances and great music at places as varied as possible.

- Tickets to see Bursters on July 15 at The Waterfront Studio are available for £17.50 advance from the UEA Tickets Bookings website

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