‘Water everywhere’ - Youth club to launch £25,000 appeal for roof repairs

Hethersett Jubliee Youth Club needs to raise money to repair its roof. Picture: Google Map

Hethersett Jubliee Youth Club needs to raise money to repair its roof. Picture: Google Map - Credit: Archant

Any threat of wet weather will give a Norfolk youth club a real headache.

Rain has exposed serious weaknesses in the roof of Hethersett Jubilee Youth Club in Back Lane which now faces a £25,000 repair bill.

Hethersett resident and youth club supporter Angela Eden was in the building recently when the water began to come in

“I was at a meeting in the hall and, to my horror, the heavens opened. Rain, rain, rain through the roof and water everywhere,” she said.

“As fast as it was mopped up there it was again.”

Angela is passionate about a village the size of Hethersett providing a good youth club facility for young people

“I know the club has some money towards repairing the roof but I feel very strongly about this subject,” she said.

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“All the new builds going on around us, we need a decent repair for the youngsters in this village and need to get this sorted before normality returns after this big lockdown.”

Youth Club trustee Gillian Saunders said the situation was severe.

“We are in the process of getting quotes to replace it as it leaks and is getting worse,” she said.

“If the wind blows in a certain direction and it rains hard, the water comes in now in several places.

“Even normal rain needs a bucket or two conveniently placed.”

Repairs will prove expensive as the current roof includes asbestos which would have to be professionally removed.

“One quote we had was £14,000 just for replacement and scaffolding and that doesn’t include removal of the current roof.

“We are about to launch an appeal for money and look at grants we can apply for, but fundraising is difficult at the moment and I expect the grants won’t be easy to get either.

“It could be that the current roof is beyond repair.

“Most of the time it isn’t as bad as it has been with the recent rain, but obviously it isn’t going to get better.

“I think we are looking at between £15,000 and £20,000 for repairs,” Ms Saunders added.