Personal trainer rides wave of £1 FA Cup bet win to open first gym

Jordan Hipperson of Perfit Fitness has opened his first gym

Jordan Hipperson who runs Perfit Fitness has opened his first gym in Norwich. - Credit: Bobby Harrison

A Norwich personal trainer who has spent five years building up his fitness business has opened his first gym.

Jordan Hipperson, owner of Perfit Fitness, has been working towards owning his own premises after going self-employed aged 22 after winning nearly £16,000 on a £1 FA Cup bet.

Perfit Gym in Concorde Road Norwich

Jordan Hipperson's gym is run in sessions with members working out together, currently at a social distance, to meet their fitness goals. - Credit: Trendy Grandad Creative Agency

On Monday, he welcomed the first gym-goers to Perfit Gym, on Concorde Road, with 75 inquiries from people ahead of opening.

But the gym's twist is members do not carry out private training, but instead participate in small group personal training sessions, with Mr Hipperson's aim to create a fitness community.

The business owner said he wanted to create a comfortable environment for like-minded members wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.

The 27-year-old said: "You could have an Olympic athlete and someone who has not done anything since PE and they are doing the same thing.

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"One person might be inspiring another person and others are encouraging and pushing each other on.

"Technically they are on another level to another person but they share the community by being in the group.

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"Once people put the headphones in there is no discussion, they put their head down and most people feel a bit intimidated.

"The setting we're creating, you come in, you do talk to people, you speak to people, and that's how you learn."

Spaces are limited due to Covid-19 restrictions, with the gym running two lots of sessions for six people several times a day, led by Mr Hipperson, his partner Abi Cossey or employee George Luckett.

Perfit Gym, run by Jordan Hipperson, has opened in Norwich

The Perfit Gym is now open in Concorde Road, Norwich. - Credit: Trendy Grandad Creative Agency

The gym also has an outdoor space to teach.

While monitoring guidelines, Mr Hipperson said his focus was to make users feel as safe as possible when they come in. 

He said: "We cannot have everyone in the same space but we are trying to get that community feel."  

Jordan Hipperson who runs Perfit Fitness has opened his first gym in Norwich.

Jordan Hipperson who runs Perfit Fitness has opened his first gym in Norwich. - Credit: Bobby Harrison

In lockdown, Mr Hipperson started up a Facebook group where he posted free workout videos for people to follow and keep fit at home, while running online Zoom and outdoor classes.

Perfit Gym will be open seven days a week with members able to book onto the sessions which will run between 6am and 9pm.

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