Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon tells of his love for Norwich and the Canaries

John Lydon of Public Image Limited. Photo: Paul Heartfield

John Lydon of Public Image Limited. Photo: Paul Heartfield - Credit: Paul Heartfield

His music career has taken him across the globe, but former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon says he will always remember Norwich.

In a recent interview with Ruth Selwyn-Crome of UEA Gigs, the singer, also known by the stage name Johnny Rotten, discussed his latest tour with Public image Ltd (PiL), which will bring them to the LCR in Norwich on June 6.

During the interview, the 62-year-old spoke about his reasons to include the Norfolk venue on the tour amid the likes of Tokyo and Amsterdam.

He said: 'I always remember Norwich. I mean we lived in that part of the world when I was younger when my dad worked on the oil rigs... Bacton-on-Sea.

'And then of course, there's Norwich City. They're the team I adopted when I lived up there. I chose them because of the scarf. I just loved the canary yellow and green - I thought it was great!'

The punk rock singer previously mentioned he had a 'soft spot' for Norwich City FC in his autobiography Anger Is An Energy: My Life Uncensored.

During the UEA interview, Lydon also talked about that much-discussed UEA Sex Pistols gig from December 1976 which was cancelled following a controversial television interview by the band.

The university took the decision to cancel the gig as the vice-chancellor at the time, Frank Thistlethwaite, feared it wouldn't end peacefully.

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'I could've done with a night off and you gave me it,' recalls Lydon. 'I'm just very pleased to be on the much shorter list of cancelled gigs... All this came up the last time I was there, it was like apology central! And I thought, 'come on, get over it, I did!''

In 2016, 40 years on from the incident, the university's current vice-chancellor, Prof David Richardson, wrote to the band's lead singer to make amends. Along with a two-page letter, he sent Lydon a Norwich City bobble hat and a UEA library card.

Tickets for Public image Ltd at The LCR cost £26.50 and are on sale now via