Jobless total increases in Norwich

The number of unemployed people in Norwich has jumped to almost 4,450, with young people hit hard.

The latest figures out yesterday showed a 12pc increase on the same time last year and the number of 18 to 24-year-olds out of work increased by 13pc to 1,390.

David Cameron acknowledged that the latest unemployment figures were 'very disappointing'. As nationally unemployment reaches a 17-year high, the prime minister admitted the government had to 'do more to get our economy moving'. But he insisted the coalition's deficit reduction plans must not be abandoned, arguing that to do so would send interest rates soaring and the economy 'into a tailspin'.

Unemployment across the country increased by 114,000 between June and August to 2.57 million. The number of people claiming jobseeker's allowance last month increased by 17,500 to 1.6m.

In Yarmouth youth unemployment increased 20pc to 1,020, with the total number of unemployed at 3,155.

Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis said that it was important to make sure that the most of was made of opportunities with the new enterprise zone, engineering industry and apprentiships. 'We need to get the work programme working so we can get people into work,' he said.

Robin Twigge, chairman of the East Anglia Region Federation of Small Businesses, said the government needed to do more to help small businesses employ young people and suggested the government give small businesses cash to train which could go towards wages.

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He added the government also needed to do more to cut employment legislation.

Dick Palmer, principal at City College Norwich said the unemployment figures were a sobering reminder of the severity of the current economic environment.

But he added: 'There is some good news for job seekers, as we are now seeing a strong drive for more apprenticeships, which offer training and an excellent route into skilled employment, with great future prospects.

'As well as considering apprenticeships, I would urge young people to look at improving their skills and gaining relevant work experience through courses offered at their local college.'

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